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Customize my virtual event experience using APIs
Customize my virtual event experience using APIs

Our pre-built components allow you to get started in 5 minutes with incredible and completely customizable features.

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And here is a list of top features loved by our developers:

  • Full customization for each component

  • Fully managed video architecture with low latency around the world

  • Compatible with all web browsers with no loss of quality

  • Up to 2 million concurrent users on the virtual stage

  • Control center for queuing presenters, switching between views, lower thirds and attendee promotion

  • HD quality by default for all presenters.

  • Chat+ component with attendee/presenter chat, private chat, polls, q&a

  • Networking hub with unlimited circles and up to 100 participants in a circle (<50ms latency)

  • Support for sharing video content (Youtube, Vimeo and any local files)

  • Support for live streaming to any custom RTMP or social platform

  • Support for virtual backgrounds

  • Advanced analytics with custom reports, minute by minute tracking and user engagement

Sequel offers developer support through our OEM Support plan and can assure any questions or troubleshooting are supported from the implementation stage up to launch. To get started - check out our Developer Docs here.


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