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Sequel AI Prompts and Editing: Make Better Content
Sequel AI Prompts and Editing: Make Better Content

Prompts are a powerful tool in Sequel AI that allows you to fine-tune the AI-generated blog & social posts to resonate with your audience.

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Sequel AI allows customers to maximize the power of AI-generated content with prompts and editing! To get started follow these steps:

  1. Open the Media you want to work with in the Media Hub.

  2. Select Sequel AI to create content.

  3. Add SEO Keywords and relevant terms to your content and select the tone.

  4. Generate your blog or social post.

  5. Use the Prompt bar under your content to fine-tune your content to your audience. You can test multiple prompts to try and get the exact content you're looking for.

    Examples include:

    1. "Make it shorter"

    2. "Make it funnier"

    3. "Include action items"

    4. "Create an 8-week course outline based on this webinar"

  6. When you have your AI-generated prompt close to perfect, you can then select "Edit" at the bottom and manually format the blog as well as run Sequel AI on specific highlighted words, sentences, and paragraphs.

  7. Once you are excited about the content you've generated, click "Copy" and Paste the content onto your website, in your newsletter, or wherever else you'd like to boost engagement!

  8. Use the "New Blog Post" or "New Social Post" buttons in the left menu to create additional pieces of content. This way you can use Prompts to craft an SEO-driven description to live on your website for one post and drill in on the perfect newsletter format on another!


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