How do I set up Email Registration for my event using Sequel?

Email Registration allows you to gather information about your audience, offer an "Add to Calendar" option, verify users and send email reminders to boost attendance.

To set up Email Registration, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Email Registration located in the Access tab of your Event Details within your Virtual Stage (accessed via your Sequel Dashboard)

  2. If you are registering your attendees outside of and you've integrated your registration tool you can toggle "Disable Sequel Registration Form" on. This is an advanced configuration that won't be applicable to most users. 
  3. If you're using multiple Virtual Stages for one event toggle "Enable Cross Event Registration" on so attendees can have access to multiple virtual stages while only needing to log in once. 
  4. Add your custom URL (the link that your Virtual Stage will be embedded on!), link to your Terms of Service, and the link to your Privacy Policy.

  5. Optional - add additional questions to your registration by adding custom fields. Just keep in mind, by default we already ask for each user's name and email address.

  6. Optional - customize your email confirmation from field and subject line. You can learn more on how to do this here!

  7. Add your Hosts and Presenters manually by email* under the Email Access section.

  8. Navigate to the Embed Info tab of your Event Details to access your HTML embed code for your event and embed onto your web builder! Just note - be sure to grab the correct code for your specific web builder! Not sure how to embed? Check out our collection of instructions.

  9. That's it! You are ready to start gathering registrants for your event. On the day of the event, your registrants can access the Virtual Stage via the link within their email confirmation or calendar invite.

As you are collecting registrants for your event, you can find them located within the Participants tab within your Event Details in your Sequel dashboard! You can also learn about more about bringing this information directly into your CRM here.

Please remind your Hosts and Presenters to register using the same email that is configured within your event to receive their role permissions!

Not sure if Email Registration is right for you? Learn more about our registration options here.