How should I organize my live event?

When organizing a virtual live event - there are a few important aspects to consider to understand the best next steps

When creating your Virtual Stages and Networking Hubs and preparing for the launch of your webinar series, or the landing page for your annual event, there are some key questions you should ask yourself!

Here are a few questions to keep in mind, and what actions to take depending on your specific set up:

Will you require registration for your event or webinars before they go live?

If yes (most common)...we have some good news! offers native registration within our UI so you can market your event and direct people straight to your website to register. Once registered, users will receive an email confirmation with a unique join link and code, as well as a button to add the event to their calendar.

If problem! You can use our Access Passcodes option. You can disable passcodes for attendees so on the day of your event, they will just need to add a display name, email address, and an optional photo then voilà, they are at your event!

Does it cost money to register to your event?

If yes...then you must outsource your registrations from a third-party tool! As previously mentioned, offers native integration, though we do not support paid ticketing. You have plenty of options to use such as Eventbrite, Marketo, Hubspot, and more to collect registrations and ticketing, and then share a CSV file of your registrants to the team so we can upload them to our Virtual Stage! If collecting registrations from a tool outside of Sequel, you will want to toggle on Enable Email Registratoin>Disable Sequel Registration Form from the Access tab of your event details!

If no...then all is well! You can continue to use native registration as explained in the prior question.

Will there be multiple live sessions and/or networking opportunities during your live event? Is your event a multi-day event?

If yes...then we suggest toggling on Enable Cross Event Registration in your event details. If you intend to have a full day event or concurrent live sessions, you may need to create multiple Virtual Stages. We suggest having one main stage to collect registrations on before your event is live. This stage is where you can gather your attendees at the beginning of your event and open with a key note speaker or welcoming monologue! When Enable Cross Event Registration is toggled on, then your attendees will only need to register once for all of your Virtual Stages. As they go throughout the day and sessions of your event, so will their user information!

If no...then one stage is perfect! No need to enable any additional advanced settings.

Reach out to our team via Chat or email if you have any additional questions!