How should I organize my live event?

When organizing a virtual live event - there are a few important aspects to consider to understand the best next steps

Will you require registration or a ticketing system for people to attend?

Whether your event registration will be free or come with a fee, you have plenty of options to use!

First - if hosting a free event, the Sequel Registration feature is a great option. Our built-in registration will allow you to collected pre-registrations prior to the event. Each registrant will be sent an event email confirmation with a unique link to access the event as well as an event reminder they can add to their calendar.

For a more comprehensive registration and ticketing, check out an event management platforms such as Splash, as well as this article on how to use Eventbrite with your event.

Still not sure where to start? No problem - this article will cover all of your options so you can consider each one when planning your event.

Is your event private or requires password protection access?

Access Passcodes are optional for Attendees and will add a layer of security by password protecting your Virtual Stages. Learn more about Access Passcodes when powering your live event with Sequel. In addition - you may consider password protecting your webpage via your web builder opposed to your Virtual Stages!

Will there be multiple live sessions and/or networking opportunities during your live event?

Sequel allows you to create multiple Virtual Stages and Networking Hubs directly from your Admin dashboard. The Sequel Virtual Stage can transition your audience directly into a Networking Hub, and then back to that same Virtual Stage, an unlimited number of times. If you plan to host multiple concurrent live sessions, you should consider creating multiple Virtual Stages and embedding them onto separate web pages within your event website!

Are you organizing a multi-day event?

For multi-day events - it is important to organize the agenda of your event with the necessary Virtual Stages and Networking Hubs to be successful! This may include 1 or multiple Virtual Stages and Networking Hubs for each day. Sequel provides you with powerful building blocks that you can mix and match to create a custom experience within your own branded website.