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What are Access Passcodes?

There are a few ways that the Sequel component can recognize the role of a user - one being Access Passcodes.

Access Passcodes

When creating a new event, you have the option to enable Access Passcodes which will provide your Hosts, Presenters (optional), and Attendees (optional) the necessary permissions to the Virtual Stage when embedding onto your website. You can toggle on Access Passcodes within the Access tab at anytime when editing a Virtual Stage.

In addition - Access Passcodes are optional for your Presenters and Attendees and can be enabled to password protect your events. These various codes are to be used when entering the event and are unique to the role (not the user!) of the person attending (e.g. Host, Presenter, Attendee). If you choose to disable Access Passcodes for Presenters - you can then promote each Presenter from the People list of the event. Learn more here.

Once the user inputs the code to enter the event, Sequel will recognize which role they are and provide them the correct access according to that role!

Access Passcodes can be customized to any 6-digit sequence. To do so - first toggle on the passcode(s), and then select the code field box to type out your own passcode. You can create the same passcode for multiple Virtual Stages to make a very seamless user experience.

What if I share a passcode with someone who shouldn't have it?

You have the option to regenerate all passcodes within your Admin Dashboard or manually change any one passcode to your own 6-digit sequence. Please note that if you do regenerate your passcodes that any user with a stale code will immediately be locked out!

Unsure if Access Passcodes are right for you? Reach out to our Support team via Chat or at support@sequel.io for guidance!