What is the suggested timeline for creating and hosting my event?

If you are unsure where to start or how much time to dedicate in implementation, follow this guideline.

Sequel provides powerful building blocks to create a variety of custom live event experiences for you and your audience. These live experiences include, but are not limited, to conferences, summits, event series, employee engagements and more - all using one technology.

Since the use case is endless, the time dedicated to create and launch your event may vary. It is important to consider the scale of your event as well as your technical skills and resources to truly prepare for the implementation time of your event.

Creating the Sequel components within your Admin Dashboard - 1-2 days average

Creating the Virtual Stage and Networking Hub components within your Admin Dashboard takes only a few minutes to set-up. When creating your Sequel modules, our team suggests mapping out your vision on how you intend to organize your event to get you started. If you need a jumpstart, check out our article on how you should organize your event here.

Creating an event landing page and embedding the components into your branded website - 2-3 day average

If you intend to embed the Sequel components into your own branded website, we suggest creating an event landing page that is inclusive of the Sequel component, event agenda, speaker line-up, and more. We suggest dedicating a few days in creating this page(s) in your web builder to host your event in.

Learn how to Host an event powered by Sequel - 1 day average

As a Host of the event, it is important to prep yourself on the Host controls and what the Host role entails. We suggest reviewing our Host related articles in our Help Center Library, such as this article that teaches you how to manage your Virtual Stage after going live.

In addition, the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty with the tech. You can practice going live within your Demo site as many times as you would like to get yourself familiar with the component.

Prepping your Presenters and other Hosts on the Sequel Component - 2-3 days average

Now that you are familiar with the Sequel component as a Host, the next step is to prepare your Presenters on their role. We suggest gathering your Presenters into the Virtual Stage to train them on the different Presenter controls that will be relevant to them during the event.

Here is a Presenter Guide to get you and your team started. Be prepared to answer a handful of questions to assure that all Presenters are well-versed in their role and comfortable to go live!

Complete a dry-run (or multiple) of your Event - 1-3 days average

The final step here is to complete a dry-run of the event. By completing a dry-run, you can insure that the event will run smoothly and weed out any last-minute technical or organizational mishaps. We suggest completing, at minimum, one dry-run of your event, and up to as many as you need to feel best prepared!

On average, we suggest at minimum 1-week to fully prepare for your virtual or hybrid event!