What more can I do to customize my virtual event experience using APIs?

If you are looking to build your own event/live experience - though are not quite sure where to start or how much time to invest, here are a few options

Validate the Experience - For all potential solutions to a need, it may be important to validate the solution is sustainable and scalable. You can test this with the Sequel component to assure the experience exceeds all expectations and requirements through our free trial and embeddable options onto any web builder. Once you determine that Sequel is a good fit - a more advanced integration may be the answer with our full-access APIs.

Sophisticated Integration - Our APIs provide the opportunity to create a completely custom application from beginning to end without the heavy lifting and headcount that it would typically require from your team. The customization options are endless and include fonts, colors, parameters, and more.

We provide the pre-built building blocks and our full-access APIs allows your team to organize it according to the experience you are hoping to achieve. When it comes to your engineers - time is precious and to scale your team efficiently is important!

Sequel offers developer support through our OEM Support plan and can assure any questions or troubleshooting are supported from the implementation stage up to launch. To get started - check out our Developer Docs here.