Embedding Sequel with Squarespace

You're embedding Sequel.io components in your site built in Squarespace – great!

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Sequel Admin Dashboard

  1. Enable either Seqel.io registration, Third Party registration, or No registration. This will allow the Sequel module to collect information on each attendee, presenter, and host of your event for the purpose of analytics and event roles.

  2. Now select the Embed tab and copy the HTML snippet from the Embed in any website option.

    ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2)

Squarespace Web Builder

  1. Add a custom HTML block using the "Code" button (not the Embed element!) in your elements menu.

  2. Make sure Display Source is disabled and HTML is selected from the dropdown menu.

  3. Paste the HTML snippet from your Admin Dashboard. While in Edit Mode, Squarespace displays a "Script Disabled" message but the Sequel component will automatically populate your webpage when you click Done.

  4. With nothing else selected click the pencil icon to edit the section height and content width to expand the Virtual Stage or Networking Hub on your webpage. We recommend setting both to M or L for the best outcome.

    Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 4.02.02 PM

  5. Select Done and Save. You should now see the Sequel.io component.

    Untitled design (1)-2

    That's it! You're ready to start hosting your experience right away.

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