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Embedding Sequel with other web builders

You're embedding modules in your website – great!

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If you're already using one of these website builders, you can find more specific information in these links: SquareSpace, Webflow, WIX, and WordPress. (2) Admin Dashboard

  1. Enable either registration, Third Party registration, or No registration. This will allow the Sequel module to collect information on each attendee, presenter, and host of your event for the purpose of analytics and event roles.

  2. Now select the Embed Info tab and copy the HTML snippet from the Embed in any website option

Web Builder

  1. Add a custom HTML widget with options like "Embed a Widget", "Embed Custom HTML", "Custom Code", "Code" or similar.

  2. Paste the HTML snippet from your Admin Dashboard.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. If applicable, stretch the iframe of your Virtual Stage/Networking Hub to the entire width of your page for optimal viewing quality. We recommend the height of the widget be about 90% of your site's viewport.

That's it! Save and refresh your page, and you'll be able to start hosting your event right away.

Note: if you are using a web builder that is not listed in our Help Center, we suggest testing registration and going live! This way we can assure that the components are functioning properly.

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