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Assigning a Circle Owner to a Networking Hub
Assigning a Circle Owner to a Networking Hub

Depending on your use case, assigning a Circle Owner to a Circle could be a good practice during your event.

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Networking Hubs can be used for facilitated discussions lead by a presenter or key-note speaker from an earlier live session. Circles provide a more intimate discussion and attendee engagement - though speakers may want to have a bit more control and accessibility to certain features.

Circle Owner permissions

  • Entering a Circle with a full seat count - this is helpful for a host of an event or speaker assigned to assure they can join at any time!

  • Disable Camera/Mute Attendees - during a lead discussion, other attendees microphone or camera may be distracting so now the Circle Owner can mute or disable their video if necessary

  • Remove Attendees - if you have an attendee of your Circle being disruptive within your Circle, you can kick them out of the Circle at any time

  • Record a Circle - a Circle Owner can opt-in to recording a Circle conversation

  • Clear Circle Chat - if the Event Organizer has Circle Chats enabled in the Networking Hub, then as a Circle Owner you can clear the Chat at any time via the Settings wheel section within the Chat+

  • Create a Poll and manage Q&A - Within your Circle, you have access to our engagement tools (Polls & Q&A) that you can use amongst all that are in attendance of your Circle

Adding Circle Owners

Circle Owners can be added to a Circle within the Sequel Admin Dashboard when editing or creating a Networking Hub. Circle Owners are added by email - so be sure it is the same email that the user will use when accessing the event and Networking Hub! In addition, Circle Owners can be assigned to one or multiple Circles and there is not a limit on how many you can assign to one Circle.


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