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Managing a Networking Hub

Networking Hubs are great to engage with your audience and allow them to interact with one another 1:1 or in groups.

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Sequel allows you to create Networking Hubs complete with 'Circles' that allow attendees to jump in and out of smaller group conversations. Networking circles can be configured with a name and logo (optional) to make it a customizable experience.

Hubs can also be repurposed for countless use cases such as an Exhibition Hall for sponsors or small group discussion led by event speakers/panelists to offer a more intimate conversation!

Circles can have anywhere between 2 and 200 seats - which can be configured in your Admin Dashboard. Though, we find the best conversations happen with 6-10 seats per circle. You can learn more about creating and editing a Networking Hub here.

Here are a few key things to know when managing a Networking Hub:

  • Intimate Conversations - Attendees can turn on their camera and microphone within a Circle. This will provide the attendees, presenters, and sponsors an authentic networking experience. Each Circle has its own private Circle chat, polls, and Q&A, which is another way for those in a Circle to engage with one another in an intimate way.

  • Virtual Backgrounds - All users have the ability to turn on a virtual background within a Circle of the Networking Hub. This includes blurred backgrounds, fun settings such as a city skyline, and your own custom image. To turn on a virtual background, select the small upward carrot button above the video icon and then, Select Virtual Background.

  • Share Media - All users within a Circle have the ability to share their screen or video with all in attendance! This is a great way to elevate the engagement amongst all within the Circle discussion.

  • Seat Limit - Attendees have the freedom to join any Circle with an open seat. Once the seat number is filled - an attendee will have to wait for a seat to open to join the Circle.

  • Creating New Circles - Attendees, presenters, and hosts have the ability to select + Create new circle and invite another attendee to have a 1:1 conversation. This is great opportunity to continue a conversation with someone without disrupting the rest of the Circle! If you would like to disable this feature, you can do so in the General Settings of your Networking Hub.

  • Mingle Random Attendee/Circle - There is an option in the Networking Hub to randomly be paired with a random attendee in a 1:1 circle or random Circle. This provides the opportunity to connect with other attendees, presenters, or sponsors that they may not have on their own. If you would like to disable the ability to mingle with a random attendee, you can refer to this article for instructions.

  • Circle Owners - Circle Owners have the ability to enter a circle even when the seat count is full, as well as mute and kick out other attendees, amongst other permissions. Learn more about Circle Owners here.

If you have any other questions on how to manage your Networking Hub, reach out to our support team at or by Chat!


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