How do I embed a Virtual Stage / Networking Hub on a page in my Webflow site?

You're embedding modules in your site built in Webflow – great!


Note: a paid plan on Webflow is required to access the embed element!


First, log in to your Admin Dashboard:

  1. Go to a Virtual Stage or Networking Hub that you have created, and click on the Access tab. Toggle on Access Passcodes or Event Registration if you have not already. This will allow the module to gather information on each attendee, presentee, and host of your events and webinars for the purpose of analytics and role permissions.

  2. Now select the Embed Info tab and copy the HTML snippet from the Embed in any website option.

Next, in your Webflow editor,

  1. Add an HTML block using the Embed component in your Add Elements menu option on the left.

  2. Paste your HTML snippet in the Custom Code box.

  3. Click "Save & Close".

    Untitled design

That's it! You will notice that your embed does not provide a preview in the web builder (see below), so be sure to publish your page and view it live to see your modules in action. 


Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 11.48.26 AM


Are you wanting to host a multi-stage or multi-day event? Check out our prequel video guide on how to use Webflow to pull this off! Just note, in this use case, the instructions on different than what you will see above as it leverages Webflow templates and rich element text!