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How can I add a Thank You page after registration?
How can I add a Thank You page after registration?

Learn how to redirect users to a Thank You page after registration with Sequel

Updated over a week ago

Sequel provides a robust component that enables you to maintain the entire user journey on a single page, from registration to live engagement and on-demand access. However, we recognize that a Thank You Page can be beneficial for improved conversion tracking.

With Sequel, you can easily redirect users to another URL after a registration event.

  1. Create a new Event and turn on Sequel Registration

  2. In the Advanced Settings section, you will locate the "Redirect URL" feature. This feature determines the webpage that users will be directed to after completing their registration with Sequel. It is important to note that all search parameters, including UTM codes, will be preserved during the redirection process. This functionality allows you to establish conversion goals within analytics tools like Google Analytics.

  3. Switch to the Embed section and copy the Embed code

  4. In your Website paste the embed code where you wish the component to appear

  5. To allow a user redirection, anywhere on the same page you need to include the following snippet.

    function redirectAndAddAuthKeyToUrl(eventId, authKey, redirectUrl) {
    const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
    urlParams.append("joinCode", authKey);
    urlParams.append("eventId", eventId);
    setTimeout(window.location.href = (redirectUrl + "?" + urlParams.toString()),3000);
    function receiveMessage(e) {
    if ( === 'user-registered' && && && {
    window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage);

  6. Ask your web team to add this to all pages that contain the Sequel component. We recommend creating a template that changes the event specific embed code from step 3 but keeps this code the same for all events.

  7. This code will wait 3 seconds before it redirects the users. You can change this value by changing the 3000 number. 3000 is measured in milliseconds so if you wish to wait 5 seconds you can change the number to 5000.

And that's it! you can change the redirect URL to any generic thank you page. The email confirmation will contain a unique link for the user to join the event but with Sequel you can also display Add to Calendar buttons on your thank you page!

Setup Thank You Page with Add To Calendar buttons

To enhance the user experience, we have developed a feature that can be integrated into your Thank You Page. This feature generates personalized Add To Calendar links for each registered user, resulting in a higher conversion rate for your sessions.

Additionally, if the event is already live or on-demand, this approach provides a convenient Join Session button. This means that users do not have to wait for the confirmation email to access and watch the content.

To display this component, simply paste this code in your page:

<script type="module" src=""></script>

<div id="sequel_root"></div>


document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => {




It's important to note that the code provided is generic and will be automatically customized with the correct user information when they are redirected. This ensures that the buttons displayed will contain the relevant join links for each user.

When the user clicks on the Join Session button, they will be automatically redirected back to the event with their correct login information. This allows them to easily join the session without any hassle.


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