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How can I populate sources in Hubspot using Sequel Registration?
How can I populate sources in Hubspot using Sequel Registration?

Learn how to use Sequel Hubspot integration to assign sources at registration

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Before you begin, make sure to connect your Hubspot instance

Once completed, our integration will automatically pass the UTM parameters into Hubspot to identify the source of each registration. You only need to embed the Sequel component on your website and include UTM parameters when you send users to register on your website.

When using the Sources tab in the traffic analytics tool, HubSpot categorizes different traffic metrics into sources. You can see this in your Sources chart and table. HubSpot will categorize traffic based on the URL that the visitor clicked.

You can find the full list of criteria here.

Example Usage

  1. We created an Event in Sequel, turned on Sequel registration and embeded the form here:

  2. By default, any direct traffic with no UTM parameters will create a registration with a source of "Offline Sources" in Hubspot

  3. If we wish to track registration coming from an email campaign, we simply add the following UTM parameter as explained in Order 7 here.
    Anyone that comes to the website with this UTM parameter and registers, Sequel will create a contact in Hubspot with the Original Source of "Paid Social"

  4. Paid ads will normally already include UTM parameters so tracking should work automatically. If no UTM codes are added you can include the "utm_medium" parameter contains "paid," "ppc," or "cpc", and the "utm_source" parameter is exactly the name of a recognized social network.

  5. Organic social can be added with the "utm_medium" parameter as “social” and the "utm_source" as exactly the name of a recognized social network. For example if we wish to track sources coming from LinkedIn we add the following parameters:

Following this pattern, you can assign all possible sources in Hubspot with the correct UTM parameters.

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