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Trouble with the registration link
Trouble with the registration link

You may experience a registration loop if your magic link is bringing you to the event page and prompting you to register again.

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Registration Looping

Most users will join the event through their registration confirmation without any issues. In rare cases, however, a user may be prompted to register again. This leads them to being told they have already registered, and to enter the event through the link in their confirmation emails β€” a registration loop.

When a user selects their unique link in their confirmation email, Sequel adds a special code at the end of the URL. It can look like this:


The issue arises when a website builder is stripping the user token from the link once the registrant selects it, forcing them into a registration loop.

If a user is in a registration loop the easiest solution is to have them enter using their unique Join Code, their special key to enter the event.

Finding the Join Code in the Admin Dashboard's Manage Participant feature allows an Admin or Member to find the Join Code for a user using these steps:

  1. Select the event in your Admin Dashboard

  2. Choose the Participants tab

  3. Find the participant

  4. Select the dots in the far right column for that participant

  5. Select Copy Join Code

Finding the Join Code in the Registration Email

Attendees can also find the Join Code within their registration confirmation and reminder email.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 12.14.05 PM

Using the Join Code

Once the user has their join code they can enter the event by clicking the message "I already have a Join Code". They can then paste the Join Code, select Join session, and they will enter the event.

Note: users should NOT share their unique registration link or join code with others. This will cause users to get kicked out of the event and/or multiple of the same user in the event. This will also impact post-event analytics.


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