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Email Management

Personalize your communications with attendees, guaranteeing that your messaging is uniform and your brand identity is reinforced.

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Global Email Settings

Admins can set company-level templates via the Emails tab on their Admin Dashboard. The Global Email Setting allows you to customize certain fields across ALL emails. These fields are:

  • Company Name - Display your company's name in the email footer

  • Company Address - Display your company's address in the email footer

  • Reply to email - Set a reply email for attendees

  • Email from name - Customize the From name

  • Company Logo - Add a PNG or JPG logo


Custom variables allow you to personalize emails at the event, admin and attendee level.

Company Level Templates

In the email table, you can activate or deactivate specific emails, view email triggers, send test emails, and customize each email individually. Templates can be edited by selecting the 3 circles on the right side of the email.

Event Level Customization

By default Event level emails will follow the company settings. Admins can, however, override the company templates to create event-specific emails. This allows for event-specific branding.


Email management is available on Growth plans and higher. Contact for information about upgrading.

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