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Transition attendees to and from a Virtual Stage and Networking Hub
Transition attendees to and from a Virtual Stage and Networking Hub

The Sequel Virtual Stage and Networking Hub allows you to move your attendees throughout your event seamlessly and with ease.

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The Virtual Stage 2.0 does not support linking a Networking Hub at this time. If you would like to link a Networking Hub to your Virtual Stage, then please use our Virtual Stage 1.0.

You can transition between a single Virtual Stage and Networking Hub an unlimited number of times based on how your event is structured. For example, your event may have pre-networking that transitions into the live event, back into networking, and then back to closing remarks on stage!

The Virtual Stage allows you to only have one static Networking Hub linked


Before your event begins, you have the option to activate pre-networking to provide a space for your attendees to mingle with one another. Think of this as opening the doors to the lobby of your event before opening the doors to the auditorium! In order to activate pre-networking, the Host of the event will enter the backstage, and select Activate Pre-Networking in the top right corner.

Once you activate networking, all of your attendees (including Hosts and Presenters!) will receive a pop-up on their screen that will direct them to the Networking Hub.


A networking session can be activated post-event by the Host selecting 'End Session' and 'End Session and Start Networking'.

End Networking - Back to Virtual Stage

Once you are ready to end your networking sessions (pre or post-event!), the host can then stop networking and bring all attendees back to the Virtual Stage. There are a few ways to do this which are illustrated below:

  • Selecting the 'Stop Networking' button within the Networking Hub - this can be located in the top right-hand corner of the screen and is only visible to the Host(s) of the event.


  • Selecting the 'Stop Networking' button within the Virtual Stage - similar to the first bullet point, but within the stage as opposed to the Networking Hub!

When networking is ended and the host requests to bring attendees back to the stage, all attendees within Networking Hub will receive the below image:

Attendees have the option to go back to the Virtual Stage or select 'Not Now'. They may select 'Not Now' in the scenario where they are in the middle of an engaging conversation with someone and may want to join a few minutes late. If they choose 'Not Now', they will have the ability to go back to the Virtual Stage via a button at the top-right corner of their screen that says 'Return to Virtual Stage'.

The 'Return to Virtual Stage' button will only appear for attendees when the Host ends networking and requests to bring all back to the Virtual Stage!

You can continue the transition between the Virtual Stage and Networking Hub as many times as you would like.


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