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Virtual Stage
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Worldwide is accessible anywhere users can join the internet. If they can visit your website, they can view your event!
Simulive Events on a Virtual StageWith Simulive, you can deliver engaging and interactive experiences to your audience, regardless of when the content was originally created.
Screen sharing on a Virtual Stage and Networking HubThis article will take you through the steps to set-up your permissions to allow screen-sharing for your event
Adding virtual backgrounds to video within a Virtual Stage and Networking HubThere are a variety of virtual background options including, blurred, office and landscape presets, a custom image, and more to choose from!
Inviting an attendee to and from a Virtual StageThe Host can promote an Attendee from the audience to a Presenter and to demote a Presenter to the audience in the Virtual Stage.
Using the Chat+ features with attendeesLearn how to use Polls, Q&A, and Chat to engage your audience
Delete messages in the event and circle chats
Going Live on a Virtual Stage
Pin a Message in the Event ChatAs the Host, you can choose any message that has been submitted in the Event, Organizers, and Private chat to be pinned at the top.
Change the layout of the Virtual StageWhen hosting an event, you may want to change the layout to appease the number of people on stage or the media content that is being shared.
Different types of chat: On stage, event, privateThe Virtual Stage and Networking Hub have multiple different Chats - each meant for different purposes.
Transition attendees to and from a Virtual Stage and Networking HubThe Sequel Virtual Stage and Networking Hub allows you to move your attendees throughout your event seamlessly and with ease.