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Presenter Guide: Networking Hub
Presenter Guide: Networking Hub

A Networking Hub allows for all attendees, speakers, and hosts to engage with one another within an intimate space called a ‘Circle’.

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Here are a few important things to know when joining a Networking Hub:

  • When a Networking Hub is linked to a Virtual Stage, a Host will indicate when it is time to enter a Networking Hub by ending a live session on the stage, and activating a pop-up within the Virtual Stage to enter the Networking Hub

  • ALL attendees will have the ability to enable their camera and microphone within a Circle of a Networking Hub

  • If you are leading a discussion within a Circle, you may be a Circle Owner. Circle Owners have the following permissions:

    • Can enter Circle despite seat limit being full

    • Mute or Kick Out attendees from Circle

    • Record Circle

Circles Owners are added by the event organizer in the Sequel dashboard. Please enter the Virtual Stage and Networking Hub with the same email address that is listed as the Circle Owner.

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