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Create a Smart Campaign in Marketo using engagement data
Create a Smart Campaign in Marketo using engagement data

Use the registrant and engagement data sent to your Marketo CRM to create smart campaigns to target specific leads.

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After each event, Sequel will send over registrant information on each user whether they registered, attended live, no-show, or watched On-demand! For those that watch live or On-demand, we will also send engagement data such as chats, polls and questions engaged with, view time, and more.

In this case, the engagement data that we pass will show up as an activity. When filtering data, you have access to two activity triggers: Sequel: Attendance Engagement Data and Sequel: On-demand Attendance Data. You can use this information to create lists and workflows using the following data:

  • Event Name

  • Event ID

  • Minutes (# of minutes viewed)

  • View time (total # and % of live or on-demand content viewed)

  • Questions Asked (including # of questions)

  • Answers to the Polls (including # of Polls answered)

Marketo customers can use this data to create Smart campaigns in their programs to segment customers on how you wish. To create a Smart campaign, follow these steps:

  1. To create a Smart campaign in Marketo, first select the Program name that you have created and synced with you event

  2. Select the New tab and then New Smart Campaign

  3. Name your Smart campaign and select Create

  4. Next, you will go through all four steps in completing your Smart campaign:

    1. Smart List (Who) ➝ Define which people this campaign will affect

      1. Add filters

      2. Add triggers

    2. Flow (What) ➝ Define campaign actions and steps

      1. Add members to a list

      2. Send email

      3. Create a campaign

      4. Etc

    3. Schedule (When) ➝ Manage when the campaign is active

      1. Run once

      2. Run every day/weekly/monthly...

    4. Results (Wow!) ➝ Track campaign progress

      1. See members that have run through the Smart campaign

  5. In order to use Sequel activity types to filter the members by any of the data sent to Marketo, customers need to add a filter or trigger within the CUSTOM folder

  6. Drag and drop the trigger or filter from to the Custom folder from the column to the center of the screen, and all the constrains will appear that can be added to the filter. Those will be all the data inside the activity that Sequel sends to Marketo.

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