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Handle all you registration needs, including custom questions, add to calendar and reminder emails with registration.

Updated over a week ago registration is enabled by default when you create an event. Clicking into the Registration tab of your event allows you to:

  • Limit registrations to Business Emails only (Business plan only)

  • Add Custom Registration Questions (checkbox, dropdown or single line text)

  • Include Terms of Service & Privacy URLs

  • Enable Cross-Event Registration (for events with multiple virtual stages)

Once a user registers for the event, they will receive an email confirmation (see below) with the event details as well as the ability to join the session right away! If your stage is not live at this time, your registrants can choose to join the session for visibility to the event Chat, Q&A, and Polls.

Don't forget to add your Registration URL before you start collecting registrations. This is the page you're embedding your event on and where the confirmation email with sent to people.

Confirmation Email

Screenshot 2022-12-16 090410

If you are on a Growth plan you can customize the confirmation email, as well as reminder emails, by using the Emails tab. Learn more about email management?

Add to Calendar

Along with the email confirmation that comes with registering for an event, each registrant will have the option to add the event to their calendar (see below):

Email Reminders

Boost your event attendance with Email Reminders. In the Email tab, choose between sending 24 hour, 1 hour & 15 minute reminders. The registration confirmation cannot be disabled. Growth customers can also edit theses emails per event or across all events.

As you are collecting registrants for your event, you can find them located within the Participants tab within your Event Details in your Sequel dashboard!

Adding Hosts & Presenters

You can add your Hosts and Presenters manually by email under the Participants tab.

participants 1

Have some unanswered questions about Registration? Check out our Event Registration FAQ to learn more!


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