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Streaming to a Virtual Stage with an RTMP feed
Streaming to a Virtual Stage with an RTMP feed

Users can stream into the Sequel Virtual Stage via RTMP with your preferred broadcasting software, such as OBS, Streamyard, or

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Each Virtual Stage has a dedicated streaming address ("URL") and key ("ID").

To access the RTMP ID and URL needed to set up your live stream - follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sequel Admin Dashboard

  2. Select the Virtual Stage you would like to live stream onto

  3. Select RTMP Info at the top

  4. Copy the RTMP ID and RTMP URL and paste into your streaming software to properly configure your settings

  5. Once you are ready to go live, start the live stream from the software you are using and the live content will take over the Virtual Stage!

Copy of IPAD (7)

Note: There is no need to hit 'Go Live' from the Sequel Virtual Stage. Once you start your stream within your software, it usually takes 3-4 seconds, and up to 20 seconds, to become live on your Virtual Stage.

RTMP with Closed Captions

To utilize's auto generated captions while streaming RTMP you must first turn on Transcription under the Detail tab of the event. This will give you a new destination with Closed Captioning. Note this endpoint combines the RTMP URL and the RTMP ID. You may need to separate them based on your encoders settings. The string of numbers after the last slash make up the ID. In the below example the ID would be 123456789.

Please read: It is important to properly set up the encoder settings in order to successfully optimize your live stream onto Sequel's Virtual Stage. Please refer to our RTMP recommended settings to ensure your settings are correct.


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