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Stream to Social Destinations
Stream to Social Destinations

Now you can stream your live webinars to social end points in a just a few simple steps.

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Social streaming is now accessible within the event details of each created event within your Sequel Admin Dashboard. To set-up social streaming to one or multiple social endpoints, you will navigate to the RTMP Info tab within your event inside your dashboard. Social streaming allows our customers to reach a broader audience through various channels and socials simultaneously!

Social stream channels must be created outside of and then inputed into the RTMP URL and Stream Key fields under the RTMP Info tab of the event to use this feature. At this time, we do not have a fully automated stream to social service.

Streaming to a Social Destination (General)

By default, a event will not have a social destination configured — this must be added by the customer once the event is created. To stream to a social destination, follow these simples steps:

  1. Create the social destination channel and access the RTMP URL and Stream Key

  2. Navigate to the RTMP Info tab of the event you want to stream to your social destination and select Add Social Destination under the Social Destination section

  3. Input the RTMP URL and Stream from your social destination in the fields within

  4. Go live on Sequel! Once successfully added, we will automatically stream to these extra destinations when you are live on Sequel (with the exception of LinkedIn — see specific instructions)

Stream to LinkedIn

To stream your event to simultaneously to LinkedIn, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Custom Stream Page and create a New Stream

  2. When creating your New Stream, be sure to select Schedule for Later

  3. Enter the date and time you would like to stream to LinkedIn (same date and time you intend to go live on Sequel)

  4. Under Create a Post, select the profile or LinkedIn page you want to to stream to:

    1. If you are streaming to a profile, you can select the level of visibility you want for the post

    2. At this time, you can draft the copy, add hashtags, and tag members or pages to for your associated post

  5. Under Your Stream Details, you can add a title and an image to represent your scheduled live stream in your LinkedIn feed

    1. Note: You can edit the description of the post on LinkedIn as many times as you’d like before going live. However, you cannot edit the title, image, date, or time of the scheduled stream after it’s created.

  6. When you are ready, select Schedule Stream in the upper-right corner

Due to limitations with LinkedIn Live, you can access your stream details 1-hour before your stream is scheduled to go live.

Accessing your LinkedIn Live RTMP URL + Stream Key

After scheduling your stream via LinkedIn Live with the above steps, you will not have access to the RTMP URL and Stream Key needed to set up the social destination in until 1-hour of your live date and time.

To access your LinkedIn Live endpoints, follow these steps:

  1. Within 1-hour of your live date and time, go to manage your LinkedIn Live streams and select Prepare to Go Live on your stream

  2. If the Prepare to Go Live button is grayed out, you must wait until you are within 1 hour of your stream date & time — try again at a later time

  3. In the Stream settings tab, pick your region, then select Get URL

DO NOT close this tab! LinkedIn creates new stream information every time you leave this page.

Setting up LinkedIn Live with Sequel

Go to the event in your Admin Dashboard that you would like to stream to LinkedIn Live

  1. Navigate to the RTMP Info tab and select Add Social Destination. Input the RTMP URL and Stream Key that you obtained from LinkedIn Live into the fields.

  2. When ready to go live, select Go Live on your Virtual Stage AND on LinkedIn to go live. Once done, you should see your stream coming through your LinkedIn Live!

You must add your RTMP URL + Stream Key to your Sequel Virtual Stage BEFORE going live. If you fail to do this, you will have to forgo LinkedIn Live streaming for that event or STOP your livestream on Sequel and go live again.

Stream to Restream

To stream your event to Restream, follow these steps below:

  1. Create an RTMP event within your Restream account

  2. Add as many social destinations as you wish within your RTMP event that you have created within Restream

  3. When you are ready, copy the RTMP URL and Stream Key from Restream to input into

  4. Navigate to the RTMP Info tab of the event in your Sequel Admin Dashboard and select Add Social Destination. Input the RTMP URL and Stream Key that you obtained from Restream into the fields.

  5. When ready, select Go Live on your Sequel Virtual Stage and Sequel will automatically send the stream to Restream

Within Restream, configured social destinations will automatically trigger, though you can stop and/or add other destinations while you are live!

If you have any questions on social streaming, or for a specific social channel, please reach out to or you can reach us via chat on this page!

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