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Using the Networking Hub for meetings
Using the Networking Hub for meetings

There are many different use cases for the Networking Hub that can elevate your meeting or brainstorming sessions.

Updated over a week ago

All customers have the option to use an individual Circle within a Networking Hub to schedule internal or external meetings!

In order to host a meeting within your Networking Hub, you will create a Networking Hub and the subsequent Circles for that Hub. Each Circle will display a small icon provided in your Sequel dashboard (seen below) that will allow you to copy a direct link to that Circle. This custom link can be added as the meeting location in your Calendly or Google Calender invites!

When you and your guests first select the meeting link - it will look slightly different than the traditional Circle in a Networking Hub experience. As you would experience in other video conferencing tools, the video component will show the guest a preview of their camera, the option to change their display name, the ability to change/disable their camera and microphone outputs, the option to change to a virtual background, and lastly - a button to join meeting. The video component will also verify that you internet connection is strong and if your microphone is working properly.

Now you and your team can convert a Networking Hub as your virtual office!


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