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Eliminating echoes from live events
Eliminating echoes from live events
Updated over a week ago uses sophisticated noise cancellation technology to give you the best audio quality for your events but there are some best practices for presenters to be mindful of to avoid echo.

If you're experiencing echo during an event the most likely reason is someone's microphone is picking up their computer speakers, not just their voice! The easiest way to confirm if this is happening is to look for the following:

  • Does the echo go away when 1 presenter is speaking?

  • Is that presenter's video tile lighting up even when another presenter is speaking?

If yes, then this is exactly what's happening!

The easiest, and fastest, solution is to have that presenter put on a pair of headphones. If a presenter doesn't have headphones or aren't able to use them they can also try lowering the volume of their speakers or positioning the microphone away from the speakers.


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