Anonymize chat within a Networking Hub

There may be times within a Networking Hub that you may not want participants to interact with one another or share their identity.


Networking Hubs now offer a feature within the General Settings that allow you to show participant names to everyone (default), to Hosts and Circle Owners only, or to anonymize all users.

To do so, scroll to the General Settings within the Details tab of your Networking Hub (via the Admin Dashboard), then make your selection to the right of the Show Participants Names setting.

Here is the breakdown of each available option:


Everyone - this option will share the name and photo of each participant within the Networking Hub. Once a Networking Hub is created, this option will be selected by default.

Hosts & Circle Owners - only Hosts & Circle Owners can see the user information and identity of all participants. Participant information will be anonymous to other participants.

All Anonymous - all participant information and identities within a Networking Hub will be anonymous regardless of their role.