What Sequel data is available with the Zapier integration?

The Sequel integration with Zapier allows you to pull data from your company events to over 3,000+ apps on the Zapier Marketplace

The Sequel app within Zapier currently has the trigger of Virtual Stage Event End and Participants List for Events Ended. Both will expose the following data:

User Attendance

  • Participant List by Event - this metric will allow you to collect a participant list by username and email

Company Event Consumption

  • Total views - shares the count of unique participants that viewed the event. This is inclusive of live views and on-demand views.

  • Total consumption - this metric will share the lifetime consumption to-date of live minutes on a Virtual Stage and/or Networking Hub

Setting up your Zap

When creating a Zap with the FKA Introvoke app, you will need to set up the action by connecting your  Sequel account and/or event.

The Sequel app within Zapier will require your Company ID in order to identify your account. You can find your company ID within the end of the URL in your address bar within the Home page of your Admin Dashboard. For example:



Some actions, such as total views, will require your Event ID in order to access the data requested. To obtain your event ID - you will pull the code within the end of the URL in your address bar (similar to the company ID) within the 'Edit' page of your event in your Admin Dashboard. For example:



Once you have completed the action step of creating your Zap - you can test it and turn it on!


Are you looking to connect your Sequel events to your CRM? Create a Zap to automatically pull your participants per event to Hubspot to create custom lists for marketing campaigns and more. Here is a video tutorial on how to pull your event participants into Hubspot: