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How to connect your tools to Sequel.io using Zapier?

Sequel.io's Zapier integration allows you to connect your events to over 3,000+ apps on the Zapier Marketplace

To begin you'll need access to your company's Sequel.io and Zapier accounts. Zapier works by selecting a Trigger from one tool and an Action in the other. The Triggers and Actions available depend on how the each tool is built in Zapier. Sequel.io has the following Triggers and Actions. 



Participants List for Events Ended Register an Attendee to an Event
Virtual Stage Event End Get Event Views
New Attendee Pre-Registration Get Pre-Registrations for an Event
  Get Participants for Event
  Get Lifetime Usage for a Company

By combining these Triggers and Actions with your other tools through Zapier you have an untold number of integrations you can create. Here's an overview on what Sequel.io empowers you to do in Zapier.

Track User Attendance Data

  • Participant List by Event - this metric will allow you to collect a participant list by username and email.

  • New Attendee Pre-Registration - receive information for users as they register for your event including name, email and more.
  • Get Pre-Registrations for an Event - pull the list of registered users for an event. 
  • Get Participants for Event - pull the participant list for an individual event. 

Register Users outside of Sequel.io

  • Register an Attendee to an Event - allows you to push registrants from another tool into Sequel.io (see video below for example)

Company Event Consumption

  • Get Lifetime Usage for a Company - this metric will share the lifetime consumption to-date of live minutes on a Virtual Stage and/or Networking Hub.

Setting up your Zap

When creating a Zap with Sequel.io, you will need to set up the action by connecting your  Sequel.io account and/or event.

You will need your Company ID in order to identify your account. You can find your company ID within the end of the URL in your address bar within the Home page of your Admin Dashboard. For example:

Some actions, such as total views, will require your Event ID in order to access the data requested. To obtain your event ID - you will pull the code within the end of the URL in your address bar (similar to the company ID) within the 'Edit' page of your event in your Admin Dashboard. For example:

Once you have completed the action step of creating your Zap - you can test it and turn it on!


As an example, here is a video how to use Hubspot forms to collect webinar registrations and then send to a Sequel.io Virtual Stage using Zapier:


HubSpot Video


Note: when using an external registration form, be sure to disable the Sequel registration form in your event details!

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 4.17.17 PM


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