Set and Customize Your On-Demand Replays

Use to create evergreen content right from your dashboard.

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On-Demand Replays

Download a Replay

Upload a Replay

No Replay

After a live session has ended on the Virtual Stage, you can publish an existing recording or upload a custom .mp4 file as the replay for your event. 

On-Demand Replays

After a live session has ended you can set the On-Demand Replay using your Admin Dashboard. Simply click on the event, select the Media tab and activate the Replay you want to be live.  

Not seeing your event? Make sure to select Past in the Event tab:

If your team went live multiple times within the same Virtual Stage, each live session will be recorded and offered as a video replay option to publish. At this time, you cannot delete replays from your replay tab.

Download a Replay


You can access all of your replays and circle recordings in the Media Hub.

  1. Log in to your Admin Dashboard.

  2. Select the Media Hub tab on the right hand side. 

  3. Search for your recording by Name or Event ID

  4. Select the Recording

  5. Hit Download.

 Uploading a Custom Replay

Upload Custom Replays to events using's Media Hub.
  1. Select the Media Hub in the side menu.
  2. Click on the "Upload Files" option and add files in one of two ways.
  3. Upload local files by dragging and dropping them or searching your computer.
  4. Add a public link (Youtube, Vimeo etc) and upload directly from the web!
  5. Link the Custom Replay to the Event. 
  6. Go to the Media Tab for that Event. 
  7. Set the Replay to Active. 

Note: Uploads can have a maximum file size of 4gb.

No Replay

If you don't want to make your Replay available, or upload a Custom Replay, you can choose No Replay. The banner image for the event will be shown along with a message saying "This event has ended."