Introducing's Media Hub

Media Hub allows you to manage all your media the Admin Dashboard! With the Media Hub you can upload and download media, view replays, link media to specific events, search media, embed media, and generate AI content. You can even edit your replays!

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Accessing the Media Hub 

To access the Media Hub, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your account.
2. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard.
3. Choose "Media Hub" from the side menu. 

Uploading Media

Click on the "Upload Files" option and add files in one of two ways.
  1. Upload local files by dragging and dropping them or searching your computer.
  2. Add a public link (Youtube, Vimeo etc) and upload directly from the web!

Searching Existing Media 

If you want to search for existing media within the Media Hub, take the following steps:
1. Enter the name of the media, the associated event name, or the associated event ID in the Search bar.
2. Select "Search".

Editing Media

Quickly trim replays in This feature is especially helpful for polishing On-Demand Replays.
Open the Media Editor by clicking "Edit Clip" on any piece of Media. 

Sequel AI

Create SEO optimized blog & social content from your events right in the Media Hub. Select the media you want to repurpose and click "Sequel AI". For more information about creating content with Sequel AI check out this article.

Link Media to Events

To link media to an event, which allows it to be played on the Virtual Stage or in a pre-scheduled Simulive style, follow these steps:
1. Select the desired media clip.
2. Choose the "Share this media with events.".
3. Choose to share the media with:
    • No Events
    • Specific Events
    • All Events

Downloading, Deleting, and Renaming Media

The Media Hub also provides options to perform the following actions on media files:
  • Download: Save a copy of the media file to your device.
  • Delete: Permanently remove the selected media from
  • Rename: Modify the name of the media file.
The Media Hub empowers Admins by providing an unprecedented level of control over their content in It enables effortless repurposing of video content, making it a versatile tool for managing and utilizing media files effectively.
Take full advantage of the Media Hub's capabilities and elevate your media management experience with!