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Using Eventbrite with

Sequel provides you with powerful building blocks that you can mix and match to create a custom experience within your own branded website

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When planning a live event with Sequel, Eventbrite will allow you to collect advanced registration prior to your event going live. Advanced registration via Eventbrite can be embedded into a public landing page on your site (e.g. “/eventregistration”) that is built out to include a speaker and event information. Registration has the option to be paid, free, or optional donation tiers.

You can then create a secondary hidden page on your website (e.g. “/eventhome”) where the Sequel component will be embedded and host your live event. This way your event will not be accessible to the public and only to those that have successfully registered for your live event. Eventbrite can then share the destination link of your event with your attendees via email to ensure they have access at the start of your event!

Connect Eventbrite to using Zapier

If you'd like to connect Eventbrite directly to using Zapier start by selecting Eventbrite's New Attendee Registered Triggers. Next, select's Register an Attendee to an Event Action. You'll need to log into both accounts and test the Zap. Now attendees will automatically receive their Registration Confirmation Email when they register with Eventbrite.

To avoid people sharing the page where you've embedded the component, select Third-party registration in your admin dashboard.

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