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Using a unique join code to access a webinar

Join Codes are the first step in troubleshooting registration issues.

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What is a Join Code?

Every attendee who registers for your event has a unique 12-digit code that acts like a password. This is their Join Code. When they click on the link in their confirmation email the Join Code is added to the url and they can join the event automatically. If, for some reason, they are not able to join automatically or they're prompted to register a second time, the Join Code is the fastest way for them to get into the event.

Providing attendees the ability to gain access to events quicker results in fewer inquiries to event organizers and lends itself to better customer satisfaction.

Finding the Join Code (Confirmation Email)

Attendees can find the Join Code in their confirmation email.

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Finding the Join Code (Admin Dashboard)

If an attendee is unable to find the join code, or didn't receive their confirmation email, you can find their join code in the Admin Dashboard.

  1. Open the participants tab for the event and find their name and email address

  2. To the right of their registration information select the 3 dots

  3. Select "Copy Join Code"

The Join Code will be added to your clipboard and you can share it with the attendee.

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Using the Join Code

Attendees can use the Join Code by selecting "I already have a Join Code and entering their 12-digit Join Code.

Find more information about troubleshooting registration here.


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