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Resend registration emails to attendees

You can easily resend registration emails to Presenters and Attendees using your Admin Dashboard.

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Resend via Admin Dashboard

The simplest way to resend a confirmation email is via the Admin Dashboard.

  1. Open the participants tab for the event and find the name and email address for the attendee.

  2. To the right of their registration information select the 3 dots.

  3. Select "Resend confirmation email"

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Resend via registration form

Attendees can also ask to have their confirmation email resent via the registration form.

  1. Fill out the registration fields (full name + email) using the same email that was originally used when registering, and select Register.

  2. A message will appear in red indicating that the email is already registered.

  3. Below that, there will be a message that states: Trouble finding email? Click HERE to resend.

Once you select HERE, the email confirmation will be resent to your inbox! Be sure to check all folders including the Spam folder to locate the confirmation email.

Join with alternate email

Lastly, at the registration module, a user can register with a different email address to enter the event. Once they register, they can select the Join Now button to have access to the live session and the Chat+ right away!


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