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Simulive Events on a Virtual Stage
Simulive Events on a Virtual Stage

With Simulive, you can deliver engaging and interactive experiences to your audience, regardless of when the content was originally created.

Updated over a week ago's Simulive feature allows you to play prerecorded content as though it was live. This feature is perfect for webinars, online courses, or any event where you want to simulate a live experience with pre-recorded content. Here are the steps to use this feature:

  1. Firstly, create an event in your Admin Dashboard. Add the Title, Start Time, and Banner Image.

  2. Next, upload your media. You can do this via the Media Hub. If you have an existing Replay that you'd like to use, you can also select it from the Media Hub.

  3. Once your media is uploaded and ready, set your event to Simulive. This will ensure that your prerecorded content will be played as though it was live.

  4. Sit back and enjoy a flawless simulated live experience. Your audience will interact with your content as if it were happening in real-time and you can moderate the event the same way you do for live events.


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