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Screen sharing on a Virtual Stage and Networking Hub
Screen sharing on a Virtual Stage and Networking Hub

This article will take you through the steps to set-up your permissions to allow screen-sharing for your event

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Sharing Your Screen

Hosts and Presenters can share their screens during a live event. Many people will do so to present a keynote or share an informative deck! Once you're on the stage as a Host or Presenter select the Screen Share button within the control center.

You have the option to share your entire screen, a window, or a specific Chrome tab. Choosing the entire screen is only recommended for users with a dual monitor setup.

When using a monitor that has a 4K or higher resolution, you may need to increase the size of text you share to ensure it's legible for attendees.

Grey Bars on Screenshare (Applicable to Virtual Stage 1.0 only)

If you're seeing grey bars when sharing your screen it's likely a screen ratio issue. always uses a 16x9 ratio for the Virtual Stage. To maximize the size of your screen share and minimize the grey area follow these steps.

  1. Open your presentation in a separate window.

  2. In start sharing your screen.

  3. Select "Window" and choose the window with your presentation.

  4. Make the presentation window full-screen.

  5. Present!

There may still be some grey area when using a laptop with a nonstandard ratio like many Macbooks but these steps will give you the largest display space for your attendees.

If presenting a Google Slide presentation, it is best to select Presenter View as opposed to Slideshow for the most optimal presentation display to your audience!

There may be times that a person is reporting they are receiving an error when trying to share their screen - be sure they have the correct permissions enabled within the settings of their computer. Here are specific instructions to do so on your operating system!

In addition, if you want to learn more about how to avoid the infinity mirroring effect - check out this article.


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