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Introducing Virtual Stage 2.0
Introducing Virtual Stage 2.0
Updated over a week ago

Sequel has launched the highly anticipated Virtual Stage 2.0 β€” the latest version of our innovative platform designed to improve your event production and ensure a smooth experience for your audience!

What is new in our Virtual Stage 2.0:

  • Design

    • Improved design and user experience for moving Hosts and Presenters on and off stage

    • Improved design and user experience for launching media and overlays

    • Updated icons

  • Production

    • New Layout Options (single, split, grid, speaker, and Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

    • Layout Customization (video tile size, margins, padding)

    • Text & Q&A Overlays

    • Lower-thirds

    • Native Call to Actions on stage

  • Branding

    • Default Themes (including light/dark mode)

    • Chat+ Background

    • Stage/Chat Borders

    • Logos

What is changing:

  • Unable to link a Networking Hub

  • Unable to promote/demote audience members to and from the stage

  • Chromium browser required by all Hosts and Presenters

  • No Mobile Support for Hosts and Presenters

  • No Private Chat

  • Unable to share media links to stage (MP4 only)

What is to come:

We have released the new Virtual Stage 2.0 β€” but we're not done yet! There are many new features and improved features that you will continue to see on our stage, including:

  • Slides

  • User Pinning

  • Reordering Backstage Hosts & Presenters

Ready to opt-in to the Virtual Stage 2.0 for your next event? Check out this article to learn how!

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