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Sequel-supported devices and browsers
Sequel-supported devices and browsers

Sequel is supported on the most common devices and browsers though there are some requirements to provide the best live event experience.

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The Sequel Virtual Stage and Networking Hub can be accessed by all users via a desktop and laptop computer, tablet, and mobile device. The mobile and tablet versions will allow attendees to view the event and simultaneously engage in Chat, Q&A, and Polls. If a Networking Hub is incorporated in your event - all users will be given the option to share access to their camera and microphone from their computer, tablet, or mobile device.



  • Hosts are unable to go live on a mobile or tablet device. They must join via a desktop or laptop computer to access the Go Live button.

  • Virtual Backgrounds are not optimized for users joining a Virtual Stage or Networking Hub with a tablet or mobile device.

We encourage all Hosts, Presenters, and Attendees to access and view the event using a desktop or laptop computer for the best live event experience.

Internet Browser

All Hosts and Presenters are required to use Chrome or Chromium browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave. Sequel supports most internet browsers for viewers allowing the components to be accessible to a large audience. It is a best practice to keep your browser up to date and limit additional tabs and open apps when using Sequel.


  • A recent update to the Safari web browser has impacted all web-based conferencing technologies, including products like Google Meet and Sequel's Virtual Stage and Networking Hub. As a result of the update, Safari is not a supported browser within the Sequel Virtual Stage.

We require all Hosts and Presenters, and encourage Attendees to access and view the event using Chrome for the best live event experience.

If you are ever in question whether your device or browser is supported on an Sequel Virtual stage - complete our built-in compatibility checker for some peace of mind!

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