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Migrating Past Webinars to Sequel
Migrating Past Webinars to Sequel

Learn how to migrate your past webinars onto the Sequel platform to leverage AI and continue to collect leads.

Updated over a week ago

Sequel allows you to take your library of webinar content and migrate them from YouTube, Zoom, and your computer, straight into a Virtual Stage. In order to do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Select +New Event in your Sequel Admin Dashboard

  2. Add the webinar title, banner image, and the original date the webinar aired in the past (this will automatically make the webinar on-demand)

  3. Once the event is created, navigate to the Media tab on the far right

  4. Select Upload files and select the mp4. file from your computer that you would like to published as on-demand

  5. Once your video file is uploaded, you will see it listed as an attached media to your webinar. You can then toggle on Replay to the right of the media file. Once the repay is toggled on, you will see a green Active Replay badge.

  6. Lastly, navigate to the Registration tab and configure your Sequel registration so you can capture all the important information of your On-demand viewers!

Just note β€” we only support mp4. file types and have a 4GB file maximum!

That's it! You have created a past webinar and have uploaded and activated a replay! You can now embed the Sequel event into an On-Demand library of webinars within your own website.

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