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Automatically assign attendees to Sales team in Hubspot
Automatically assign attendees to Sales team in Hubspot
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Webinars are fantastic for creating high-quality leads for your business. Activate these leads while they're still hot by automatically assigning your Sales team to reach out once the event is completed!

Workflow Trigger

For this workflow, we will focus on attendees who joined live for at least 5 minutes. This allows the Sales team to focus on the most engaged leads. This workflow will trigger when the following criteria are met:

  • Live Engagement Activity has Minutes greater than 5

Assign and Notify Sales

Once your Trigger is complete, create a Random Split Branch in Hubspot. How many splits you need depends on the size of the Sales team. For each split team member, you'll want to add the Set Property Value step. Set the Contact Owner to that team member.
The final step is to send a Slack notification to the new Contact Owner letting them know they have a new hot lead to engage with! It's a good idea to include the leads name and company name in the message but you can add any other detail that might help your Sales team engage faster.

Now your Sales team can engage leads faster than ever so you can unlock the true revenue potential of your webinars!

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