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Integrate Salesforce and

Integrate to your existing Salesforce account to control your data and maximize your webinar ROI.

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Are you interested in collecting registrants through a Salesforce form to send to your Virtual Stage? Check out this article!

Connecting your Salesforce and Accounts

In order to integrate your account to your Salesforce account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Admin Dashboard

  2. Select the Integrations tab from the left-hand menu

  3. Select "Set Up" on the Salesforce tab. Connect your Salesforce account.


  4. Select New Authentication, update the name and select "Create"

  5. Finally select Allow to give access to your Salesforce account and Finish.

You can adjust what information you send to Salesforce by using the toggles in your Admin Dashboard.

  • Generate Contacts on event registration - We will automatically create or update a contact activity timeline when they register for an event.

  • Send user engagement - We will automatically update contact activity timeline with the user data, like minutes watched live, minutes watched on-demand, and engagement data (chat, polls, and Q&A). Data is sent when an event ends and every 24 hours for replays.

That's it! Once you have integrated your and Salesforce accounts, you will now see your engagement data within your Salesforce contacts.

Connecting my Salesforce Campaign to a Event

Connecting your Salesforce Campaign to an event can be done in a couple of clicks.

  1. Open the event in your Admin Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the CRM tab for the event.

  3. Select your Campaign from the dropdown menu.

  4. Choose to add registrants as Lead or Contacts.

Before you can send leads and contacts to Salesforce, you must download and install our package to your Salesforce instance! You can download the package here.

Map Statuses to Campaign Statuses

In the Campaign Status section of the CRM tab you can update Campaign Statuses based on the Statuses of Registered, Attended, No Show and On-demand. Simply add in the Campaign Status you'd to see for each action EXACTLY as they appear in Salesforce.
Whenever a user takes one of these actions, their Campaign Status will update in Salesforce automatically.

Assign leads to Queues

Assign Leads directly to Salesforce Queues automatically. This ensures that the right teams have access and can start outreach faster.

Map Registration Answers to Salesforce Fields

You can push registration data from the Registration form to any of your leads fields.

  1. Open the event in your Admin Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the CRM tab for the event.

  3. Scroll to Field Mapping.

  4. Select the field you'd like to map and the Salesforce field you'd like updated.

If you're using the same questions across different events use the Clone Event feature to copy over your Salesforce settings as well!

Looking for other ways to review and integrate your data to your CRM? Check out our articles on event analytics within your Admin Dashboard as well as integrating your data using Zapier!

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