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Infinity mirroring and how to prevent it when screen-sharing

When sharing your entire screen with the window or tab that the Virtual Stage or Networking Hub is on, you will see an infinity mirroring effect. Here's how to prevent it.

Infinity Mirroring occurs when the the screen you're sharing contains the same Seqeul.io page you sharing to. This causes an effect similar to putting two mirrors across from each other. You can avoid this issue by sharing a Chrome tab or separate window instead of your entire screen. 

You can also avoid this we a dual monitor set up, which recommend for hosts. This allows for full control over the Sequel.io event and what is being shared, at all times.

With dual-monitors, you have one monitor to share your content, and one monitor to have the Sequel Virtual Stage or Networking Hub open to view, react, and engage with the chat in real time!