Moderate attendees in the chat

Hosts of an event can manually delete messages submitted in the Chat and block unwanted attendees within a Virtual Stage and Networking Hub.

Chat and attendee moderation allows for a quick response from the event organizers when and if moderation is required during the event.

To delete a message from the chat:

  1. Hover over and select three dots next to the message (see below)


2. Select Delete

To block a user from an event:

  1. Select the three dots next to a user's message or the block icon by their name in the People tab



  2. Select Block user


  3. A pop-up will appear confirming that you would like to block that user - select Block

    Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.03.31 PM

    Once a user a blocked, they will be removed from the event and notified with this pop-up:

    Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.07.14 PM

    Did you block someone by accident?

    No worries! As a Sequel Admin, you can log in to your Sequel Admin Dashboard, select the event, navigate to the Participants tab, and select Unblock user next to the elipsis next to the user's name.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.15.24 PM

Blocking a user does not prevent the user from attending future events or accessing your event through new user credentials.


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