Event Analytics Overview

All customers have access to company and event level analytics within their Sequel Dashboard

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Event Analytics

To view your event analytics post-event, select the event within Events> Past Events in your Sequel dashboard. Once in the event, select the Analytics tab at the top.

Event Stats - this will show the total time (hours) spent on your website, total registrations, breakdown of live and on-demand attendance, and average view duration.

You will also be able to view your registration -> attendee conversion as well as the following graphs:

  • Registration funnel timeline (# of registrations by date)

  • Progression of attendees during the event (# of unique live viewers each minute of your live webinar)

  • On-demand viewers since event ended (Week over week graph on how many unique on-demand viewers you had watching your content)

User Specific Data

For each unique user that registered for your event, customers will be able to view their User Activity for the event, which includes:

  • Name & Email

  • Lead status β€” whether they registered, attended live, and/or viewed your replay

  • Live watch % time β€” what % of the live content did they engage with

  • On-demand watch % time β€” what % of the replay did they engage with (if applicable)

  • Registration date (note: if using 'No registration' option, this will be blank!)

  • Breakdown of # of comments, Q&A, polls, and circles they submitted or engaged with (if applicable)

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You can filter your User activity by Lead Status and export the list as a CSV file!

Engagement Data

You can also view and export your Chat+ engagement analytics including your Chat transcript, Poll results, and Q&A history. You can learn more about how to export this data here!

Interested in learning about performance across ALL company webinars? Check out how to view company analytics and leads here!


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