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Playback videos and/or pre-recorded content in the Virtual Stage
Playback videos and/or pre-recorded content in the Virtual Stage

Media Playlist allows content creators to organize and share videos while live on the Virtual Stage, natively to each user.

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Adding videos to a Media Playlist prevents any delay or quality issues with the video and audio that you would normally experience from sharing a video via screen-share.

The host or presenter sharing the video will be the only person with visibility of the controls of the video from their screen. This means anything you do with the video (pause, play, change volume) will mirror exactly what the audience sees and hears!

Adding Video in the Admin Dashboard

Add video to events using's Media Hub.

  1. Select the Media Hub in the side menu.

  2. Click on the "Upload Files" option and add files in one of two ways.

  3. Upload local files by dragging and dropping them or searching your computer.

  4. Add a public link (Youtube, Vimeo etc) and upload directly from the web!

  5. Link the Video to the Event.

Adding Video on the Virtual Stage

  1. Select the Media tab at the bottom of the Virtual Stage

  2. Select Add Video

  3. From here you can upload a mp4 file or input a link from YouTube, Vimeo, or any public direct link of the video you want to share and press enter.

  4. The videos will appear in the playlist once the upload is complete.

Playing Videos on the Virtual Stage

Play videos on the Virtual Stage by clicking the play button on the thumbnail. At the end of the video, press the Stop Sharing Video button. This will automatically remove the video from the stage.

Pro-tip: Be sure to test your video links prior to going live to assure the stage has access to share your videos and that you have the video settings configured properly!

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