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Moderate attendees in the chat
Moderate attendees in the chat

Keep Chat clean by deleting inappropriate messages, removing bad actors and hiding the Participant List.

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These instructions are for the Virtual Stage 2.0. For VS 1.0 instructions, click here.'s chat allows you to engage with your audience and your audience to interact with each other. Chat is designed to be incredibly easy to use, but you'll want to know a couple of features for the best experience.

Event vs Stage Chat

There are two different Chats that Hosts and Presenters have access to. The Event Chat is the global chat where everyone, including attendees, can view and share messages. The Stage Chat is only visible to Hosts and Presenters. This allows you to share messages privately about the event.

Pinned Chat

Highlight important chat messages by pinning them in the Chat. Pinned Messages appear at the top of the Chat window and stay in place as users scroll. To pin a message, select the 3 dots next to a chat message and select "Pin to top".

Chat Reactions

Chat Reactions allow attendees to react to messages using emojis during the event.

Add to Overlay

Bring chat messages into the event by adding them as Overlays on the Stage! Select the 3 dots next to a chat message and select "Add to overlays". To show the message on the stage, turn on the show toggle in the Overlays tab.

Deleting a Message

If you need to remove a message from the chat you can delete the message. Select the 3 dots next to a chat message and select "Delete".

Blocking a User

Rarely do you have a user who is consistently inappropriate in the Chat. If this occurs, you can block the user from interacting with the Chat altogether. Select the 3 dots next to a chat message and select "Block User".

Enable/Disable Settings

You can adjust these settings in the Settings tab of the Stage or on the Admin Dashboard.

Virtual Stage 1.0

To delete a message from the chat:

  1. Hover over and select three dots next to the message (see below)


  2. Select Delete

To block user from an event:

  1. Select the three dots next to a user's message or the block icon by their name in the People tab

  2. Select Block user

  3. A pop-up will appear confirming that you would like to block that user - select Block

    Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.03.31 PM

    Once a user a blocked, they will be removed from the event and notified with this pop-up:

    Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.07.14 PM

Did you block someone by accident?

No worries! As a Sequel Admin, you can log in to your Sequel Admin Dashboard, select the event, navigate to the Participants tab, and select Unblock user next to the elipsis next to the user's name.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.15.24 PM

Blocking a user does not prevent the user from attending future events or accessing your event through new user credentials.

Hide Participant List

If you have a more sensitive audience or subject matter it may be helpful to Hide the participant list from attendees altogether. You can do this in the Customization tab in the Admin Dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Select the event using the Event Picker.

  2. Scroll down to Enable/Disable Core Features.

  3. Next to Participant List choose who should be able to see the names of your attendees.

    1. Everyone

      1. This will allow all users to see the Participant list.

    2. Host & Presenters Only

      1. This will disable attendees from seeing the Participant List

    3. Hosts Only

      1. This option allows only Hosts to be able to see the Participant List.

    4. No one

      1. This shows the Participant List to no one. You will still be able to access the list from the Participants tab of the Admin Dashboard.

  4. Select Save.

Read more about the difference between Hosts, Presenters & Attendees here.

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