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Join the Virtual Stage 2.0 Beta
Join the Virtual Stage 2.0 Beta

Virtual Stage 2.0 has enhanced branding, simplified hosting, and new tools to drive engagement. Learn how to enable VS2.0 for your events.

Updated over a week ago's Virtual Stage 2.0 is here to elevate your webinar experience! We took your feedback and made some huge changes including:

  • Simplified UI for easy hosting

  • New Stage Layouts

  • Enhanced Branding & Customization

  • Native Call to Action

  • Chat Overlays

  • and so much more.

You can still use Virtual Stage 1.0 during the Beta period.

Experience Virtual Stage 2.0 on any of your events with these steps.

  1. Select the event

  2. Navigate to the new "Settings" tab within the event

  3. Enable Virtual Stage 2.0

To get the full VS2.0 experience you'll want to try out the enhanced branding too! You can experiment with Virtual Stage 2.0 in the Event Preview or embed it on your website.

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