Customize the appearance of an Event's Advanced Customization Suite enables you to create and host fully-branded Virtual Stage and Networking Hub experiences!

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Color Themes


Interface Elements

Chat+ Elements

Customization changes can be applied as a company wide theme or on an event level by selecting the event on the drop-down menu to the right. 

Colors Themes

Color customization allows you to change the color theme of the Virtual Stage and Networking Hub components, as well as the Circles and buttons within each. Our color theme feature allows you to pick a theme from a list of preset complimentary colors or select your own using color hex codes to represent your brand. Once done, preview the Virtual Stage and Networking Hub custom colors you have selected so you can save with confidence!


Customers can choose a custom font for their Virtual Stage and Networking Hub from a list of preset fonts, or choose to upload their own font to the list of selectable options. Font upload supports TTF, OTF, and WOFF files for maximum browser support. A font and color preview will be available to you before saving to the right!

Interface Elements

Sequel customization provides an array of color and graphic customization options including the following:

  • Countdown color

  • Circle graphics

  • Presenter glow

  • Stage background

  • Stage watermark

  • Warning notices

Chat+ Elements

There may be a time that Q&A or Polls is not relevant to your event - and now we give you the option to customize each component of our Chat+! We provide you the option to disable the following feature on a company or event-level basis:

  • Event Chat

  • Private Chat

  • People List
  • Q&A

  • Polls

Customization is available to all customers on Growth plan and above - interested in upgrading? Upgrade today within the Billing tab of your Sequel Admin Dashboard or reach out to our team directly at