Presenter Guide: Going On and Off Stage

Knowing how to go live, end a live session, and determining what your audience sees are very important tasks for Hosts.

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Only the Host(s) of the event have the ability to go live and end a live session. Hosts and Presenters will be either onstage or backstage prior to going live! Learn about the differences below:


  • When you first join the stage (pre-live), you have the option to join the Backstage with other Presenters and Hosts. Don’t worry - you will not be live and can see this indicated in the top-left hand corner of the stage.

  • If you are joining the event after the event has gone live, you will automatically be placed in the backstage and will not be seen or heard by the audience until you are moved onstage by an event Host.

  • Once onstage, you can move backstage at any time by selecting the Go Backstage button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once backstage, only the Host can move you back onstage.

  • You can change your microphone and camera settings, as well as add a Virtual Background to your screen under the Preferences tab in the backstage area.




  • When backstage, you will see your video in the bar at the bottom of the stage with a message to the left stating You’re Backstage.

  • While backstage, no other Presenter or Host (on or offstage) can hear you, but they can see you while your camera is enabled.

  • You will not have access to your microphone control while backstage and will be automatically unmuted once you are moved onstage.