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Assign Hosts and Presenters to my Event

Adding Hosts and Presenters to your Virtual Stage can be done inside your Event Preview or under the Participants tab for your event.

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Before you start inviting your team to participate in hosting your event, it's important to understand the functions of each role type:

  • Attendees have the ability to view the stream, react, ask questions, answer polls, and chat. These are your webinar viewers.

  • Presenters can join the virtual stage, share their screen, and playback video.

  • Hosts can do all the things presenters can do as well as Go Live/End Session, control the stage layout, create and launch polls, and moderate the Chat+ module.

Adding a Host

Once an event is created, the admin that created it will automatically be added as a Host to the event. If you want to change or add Hosts to the event, you can do this in the Participants tab.
​Hosts - Full control over the Virtual Stage. Able to go live, moderate, and move other presenters on and off stage.

Presenters - Able to join the Virtual Stage, share their screen, and present.

Attendees - Able to view the Virtual Stage and Chat+.

Once you add a Host to the event by email in the Participants tab, they will receive an email notifying them that they have been added as a Host to the event. This will also contain a link to the event where they will be able to join the Backstage to participate in the event.

Adding a Presenter

Similar to adding a Host, you can also add a Presenter to an event by email within the Participants tab of the event. They will also receive an email notifying them that they have been invited to present at the event and a button to join the event (no need for them to register!).

Promoting an Attendee to a Presenter

If you would like to add a last-minute Presenter or if a Presenter is having trouble accessing the event with the right permissions - no worries! The Host has the ability to select an Attendee from the Attendee list and promote them to a presenter. You can then move the Presenter back to the audience at any time. To learn more about how to promote and demote an Attendee - check out this article!


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