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Host and Presenters will move between the Backstage and On Stage throughout an event. Here, you always know where you are.

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Before entering the backstage, the Sequel Virtual Stage will take you through a few steps to confirm your set up. This is where your Hosts and Presenters can set their camera, microphone, audio output, background, and first/last name. They also have the option to disable their microphone and camera before entering the backstage. When ready, select the purple Enter Backstage button!

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The settings a user selects are not permanent! A user can update their audio, video, background, and display options at any time before and during the event.

When you're ready to go live you can move all Hosts and Presenters you don't want the audience to see Backstage. This is also where Presenters who join the event after you go live will appear.

Presenters joining the event after it has begun will NOT appear on the stage.

While Backstage, Presenters can still see their video, change settings, view the stage and chat in the On Stage Chat. All Hosts & Presenters are muted automatically when Backstage.

Hosts can unmute themselves while Backstage but their audio will be heard by ALL attendees. This is helpful for making Voiceover Announcements. Hosts are the only people who can move Presenters Backstage or onto the Live Stage.

You can confirm that you are backstage by clicking the Backstage button on the lower left corner of the stage. If your video tile is displaying in this section, you are Backstage.

Live Stage

The red "LIVE" badge, in the upper left corner of the stage, is your first indicator that you are live. You can confirm exactly what your attendees are seeing in the Audience View. Once live, your attendees will see and hear whatever is on your Live Stage until you either move a Presenter Backstage, play a video through the Media Playlist, or click End Session to finish the event.

You can find more information about running your first event here.


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