What audiences see before and during a live event

Curious what your audience will see before and during your live event? Learn more here.


Once you create a Virtual Stage, it is important to not only know how to manage it as a Host, but also what your audience experience will be! You can preview any Virtual Stage you have created and easily toggle between Host and Attendee view. 

To do this, head to the Events tab and select the eye icon on the event card or the purple preview button from the event details.

You will then have access to the Attendee view toggle within the preview window of the event! Whether you are pre/post live, you can come to this page and see what your audience is seeing!

Prior to an event going live, your attendees will see the following:

  • Banner Image - Before going live the Virtual Stage will show what ever banner image you uploaded. You can change your Banner Image in your Admin Dashboard by clicking on the event and going to the "Details" tab.
  • Countdown - At the top of your event is the Countdown. This has the scheduled start date for the event, an Add to Calendar button for attendees, and a countdown timer.

  • Chat - all attendees, hosts, and presenters can engage in the Chat portion of the event prior to the event going live

  • Q&A - all attendees, hosts, and presenters can submit Q&A questions prior to the event going live. This is a great way to ask attendees to pre-submit their questions!

  • Polls - all attendees, hosts, and presenters can engage in a Poll prior to the event going live. This is a great way to gather information from attendees before an event such as, what brought them to the event or what are they most interested to learn about

You can learn more about our different engagement tools here.

During Live Session

Example from the Sequel.io Game Changer series

Once your event is live - your attendees can view the main stage as well as Chat, Q&A, and Polls. They will not have visibility to the Organizers chat or the backstage of a live event.

As a Host and Presenter, you have visibility of what the audience is constantly seeing while live within the Audience View section in the top right corner of the stage. If you are ever in doubt whether the audience can see your screen or virtual background, go ahead and take a look in the audience view section! You can also pop-out this audience view video feed and move it anywhere on your screen for more convenient viewing.